Alaska Aviation Museums

There are many aviation and airplane museums around the United States. It would mostly likely take a lifetime and a fortune to travel to every single one. It doesn't mean that you cant try though!

In these pages you will find a list of aviation museums by state. Each museum contains a description, location, and various other military history museums you can find nearby. Milsurpia has been created for the military history enthusiast and wants to make finding these gems easier. This list of has been archived together as a community. If you notice a museum missing or would like to contribute information, please feel free to reach out and submit it!

To submit a museum or organization for consideration please contact us. Photos and descriptions of locations will not be listed without expressed consent.

Aircraft Parking

Private pilots take notice! Airplane museums around the country are available for you to fly into. Many of the museums in the below aviation museum directory allow private pilots to park for free at their facilities. When you are planning your next flight out, think about checking out one of these museums and supporting the community. Be sure to check the website and / or call ahead for proper parking and taxi instructions.

Event Planning

Another great thing about aviation museums is those wide open hangars! Many of the below museums offer their hangars for events. Consider checking them out and renting a hangar for your next event.

Anchorage, AK

Alaska Aviation museum exterior

The Alaska Aviation Museum (AAM) first opened in 1988, as our goal to preserve Alaska’s incredible aviation heritage. The museum is located on Lake Hood Seaplane base, the busiest Seaplane base in the world. AAM’s location and impressive collection of historical aircraft and artifacts, help to maintain Alaska’s superb flight tradition. This heritage thrives, as a result of our generous patrons and AAM’s mission statement: “To preserve, display, and honor Alaska's aviation heritage, by preserving and displaying historic aircraft, artifacts, and memorabilia, and to foster public interest in aviation and its history." The Alaska Aviation Museum caters to a great diversity of clients. Annual admission numbers typically reach 12,000 visitors. AAM's facilities include indoor and outdoor exhibits featuring vintage aircraft, ongoing restorative projects, virtual reality flight simulators, and memorable event space options. AAM also supports meaningful volunteer opportunities and a multitude of educational and interactive programs for all ages. These services are offered within the Anchorage area. However, our organization routinely allies with other organizations outside of Anchorage, including rural communities, to facilitate community outreach, education, and strong partnerships. (Description provided courtesy of the Alaska Air Museum)

Fairbanks, AK