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P40 at American Airpower Museum in Farmingdale NY

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Aviation museums offer a unique and fascinating insight into the incredible technological progress achieved in aviation since its origins. Although they often contain rare and preserved aircraft, they also aim to provide education, creating interactive displays with multimedia presentations. Aviation museums can be incredibly varied, offering many different experiences. Visitors might be able to see a historical aircraft suspended from the ceiling, explore significant artifacts related to iconic figures in aviation history. Further still, there are air shows and other special events to behold. Aviation museums make for an ideal day out for both aviation enthusiasts and those wishing merely for an entertaining, educational experience.

Helicopter Museums

Helicopter museums are an exciting learning experience for those passionate about aviation. These institutions have a variety of aircrafts from different eras, allowing visitors to walk through history and get insights into the development of helicopters throughout time. At these museums, one can find both working and non-working aircrafts; some may even be used for giving rides! In addition, many of these museums feature interactive exhibits that allow visitors to gain hands-on knowledge on how aerial apparatus is operated and maintained. A visit to a helicopter museum promises to be an informative and thrilling journey into the world of aviation history.

There are a few airplane museums solely dedicated to helicopters such as the ones below. 

Helicopter MuseumLocation
American Helicopter MuseumsPA
National Helicopter MuseumCT
Vietnam Helicopters MuseumCA


Naval Aviator Museums

US Naval Aviation has a long and proud history. It began in 1910, when the first aircraft was purchased by the US Navy and has since grown to become one of the largest air forces in the world. Naval aviators take part in both offensive and defensive operations, providing air support for ground troops, delivering cargo and personnel around the world, conducting search-and-rescue operations, conducting surveillance missions, providing medical evacuation assistance and performing other vital tasks. Today's naval aviators are some of the most skilled pilots in the world due to their rigorous training regime which involves advanced cockpit techniques, navigation instrument knowledge and weapon systems proficiency. This training enables them to carry out their duties efficiently, often under extreme circumstance. There are a few museums dedicated solely to Naval Aviation. For the purposes of this directory, aircraft carrier museums have been included in this list.