Depiction of the Shelling of Ellwood
The Bombardment of Ellwood: The First Japanese Attack on Mainland America
The Bombardment of Ellwood. On February 23, 1942, Japanese Submarine I-17 Attacks Petroleum Facilities Near Santa Barbara, California.
The USS Nautilus Underway in New York Sound 1977.
World’s First Nuclear Powered Submarine- the U.S.S.  Nautilus Sets Sail
January 17th, 1955- World’s First Nuclear Powered Submarine- the U.S.S.  Nautilus Sets Sail
The T.S.S. Leopoldville
A Christmas Eve Disaster: The Sinking of the SS Léopoldville
A Christmas Eve Disaster occurred on December 24th, 1944- SS ' Léopoldville' is torpedoed off France, and 763 American soldiers from the 66th Infantry Division perish.
USS Cobia SS-245
USS Cobia: A Brief History
The USS Cobia was a Gato-class submarine whose keel was laid down on March 17, 1943, in Groton, Connecticut. After serving in WW2 she went on to become a world class museum ship.
Glenn Miller in Uniform
What Really Happened to Glenn Miller?
December 15, 1944: Army Air Force Band leader Major Glenn Miller’s aircraft disappeared, without a trace, on a flight from England to Paris France. Most likely the aircraft crashed into the North Sea or English Channel, adding to the list of famous people lost to us in the prime of their careers, and under mysterious circumstances.
USS LST-170 - U.S. Army Photo
History of the LST - From Normandy to Museum
The LST was one of the unsung heroes of WW2. In almost every major amphibious landing of World War 2, LST's put the allied soldiers ashore. Learn about the history of these ships and how you too can board one.
The U.S. Navy river gunboat USS Panay (PR-5) underway off Woosong, China, during standardization trials on 30 August 1928. (NARA Photo)
The USS Panay Incident
The USS Panay incident was an attack on American and Chinese ships by the Japanese military. American and Chinese ships were evacuating civilians from the advancing Japanese military when Japanese aircraft bombed the USS Panay and three Chinese oil tankers. All four ships were sunk. Several sailors and civilians were massacred in the attack.
Marines undergo a forced ruck march
The Ribbon Creek Incident
How did a Marine Corps Drill Instructor kill 6 Marine recruits? One night on Parris Island in 1956 changed the way the United States Marine Corps trained forever. On the night of April 8th six Marine Corps Recruits, led by their Drill Instructor, marched to their death during a training exercise in the swampy Ribbon Creek.
M69 Flak Vest vs Modern Body Armor
M69 Flak Vests in Vietnam vs. Modern Body Armor
Ever wondered how the M69 flak vest compares to modern armor? We take a look at the pros and cons of both in this article.
Jet Pilots Survival Knife
Jet Pilots Survival Knife Collectors Notes
Find out the history on Jet Pilot Survival Knives. Be prepared the next time you want to go buy one!!
4 WASP Female Pilots
Womens Military History Museums
Women's have had a lasting impact on military service. Find a museum dedicated to women in uniform today!!
TL-29 Pocket Knives
TL-29 Knife Collectors Notes
The TL-29 is one of the most popular knives of collectors. Find out what you need to know before buying your next one!