About Milsurpia

My name is Patrick. I am a software engineer by trade. This website is created for purposes of testing out the newest and latest technologies and ideas. I use this website as a grounds to combine my hobbies with the aims of my career. My desire for a place to practice my programming is your reward.

I chose to make a website for military history enthusiasts because, aside from programming, it is one of my life's greatest passions. Military history is long and arduous. Researching military history and its accoutrements doesn't have to be. Milsurpia wasn’t born out of a desire to sell a product. Milsurpia’s product is information and information should be free. I created this website because of my passion for researching American military history and the equipment our veterans used in their many conflicts.

If you found this site, you more than likely know how Milsurpia got its name. If by chance you don’t..Oftentimes, military surplus is referred to as just milsurp. Combine that with the word encyclopedia and you have Milsurpia. Should remind you of a very popular non-profit website which needs not be named.