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Most Americans won’t have to travel far to find a submarine museum near them. The various submarines around the United States range in age from USS Drum built in 1941 to the USS Dolphin built in 1968. The museums have something for everybody and many have programs tailored specifically to youth and scout programs.

Next time you visit one of these submarines be sure to consider a guided tour where offered. Guided tours offer an experience above and beyond a simple walk through. Many tour guides served aboard submarines themselves and lend a first hand account to daily life aboard a submarine. Where guided tours are unavailable there will often be audio tours.

Some other services typically offered are overnight stays, events, and field trip opportunities or even remote learning experiences. Dont miss out on a great opportunity. Tour a submarine today!

It is important to note, submarines are inherently tight spaces which may be difficult for some to navigate through. Come prepared to step over and through bulkheads and watch your head!

Cant make it to a sub museum near you? Check out this short walk through of the USS Torsk by Attractions 360. 

Canada Submarine Museums

Milsurpia Default Image
HMCS Ojibwa
Port Burwell, Ontario
Milsurpia Default Image
HMCS Onondaga
Rimouski, Quebec

United States Submarine Museums

German submarine U-505
Chicago, Illinois
USS Albacore
USS Albacore (AGSS-569)
Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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USS Batfish (SS-310)
Muskogee, Oklahoma
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USS Becuna (SS-319)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
USS Blueback officers mess
USS Blueback (SS-581)
Portland, Oregon
USS Bowfin Museum
USS Bowfin (SS-287)
Honolulu, Hawaii
USS Cavalla and USS Stewart
USS Cavalla (SS-244)
Galveston, Texas
USS Clamagore
USS Clamagore (SS-343)
Mt Pleasant, South Carolina
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USS Cobia
Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Milsurpia Default Image
Cleveland, Ohio
Milsurpia Default Image
USS Croaker (SSK-246)
Buffalo, New York
Milsurpia Default Image
USS Dolphin (AGSS-555)
San Diego, California
Milsurpia Default Image
USS Drum (SS-228)
Mobile, Alabama
USS Growler at the USS Intrepit
USS Growler (SSG-577)
New York, New York
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USS Lionfish (SS-298)
Fall River, Massachusetts
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USS Marlin (SST-2)
Omaha, Nebraska
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USS Nautilus (SSN-571)
Groton, Connecticut
USS Pampanito at FIshermans Wharf in San Francisco
USS Pampanito (SS-383)
San Francisco, California
Submarine Museum USS Razorback
USS Razorback (SS-394)
North Little Rock, Arkansas
USS Requin
USS Requin (SS-481)
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
USS Silversides
USS Silversides (SS-236)
Muskegon, Michigan
USS Torsk Submarine
USS Torsk (SS-423)
Baltimore, Maryland