Battle of Aiken

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Reenactors Portray the Battle of Aiken
Next Date Feb 24 to Feb 26, 2023!
Reenactors Portray the Battle of Aiken. This is not a Milsurpia photo, photo has been sourced from the Battle of Aiken website with permission.
  • Feb 24 to Feb 26, 2023
Contact Info
Furnace Parkway
Aiken, Alabama Google Maps
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Battle of Aiken
Email: battleofaiken@aol.com
More Information
Thinking of visiting the Battle of Aiken Civil War Reenactment? Check out this video by Mark Rountree of a past event, you wont want to miss the next one in person!

PLEASE NOTE: The Battle of Aiken is not organized by Milsurpia. Milsurpia is an event directory. All questions pertaining to the event should be directed to the venue or organizer

Mark your calendars today so you don't miss the next Battle of Aiken in Aiken, Alabama in February

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