Civil War Reenactments

The American Civil war, fought between 1861 and 1865, is one of the most reenacted periods of American history. Reenactments don't just offer a glimpse into the conflict, a reenactment will often present an overwhelming amount of information and history about 1860's America.

Tactical Reenactment: Some reenactments will be listed as "tactical" or "private". These events are closed to the public and open to reenactors only. Many reenactors enjoy immersing themselves in the period and there just weren't any spectators with smart phones in the 1860's.

Sutlers: You will often see information regarding sutlers on various websites and event listings. A sutler is generally known as a person who followed an army selling their wares.

Civil War Reenactments 2021


Battle of Guyandotte

Huntington, West Virginia

Nov 05 to Nov 07, 2021


Battle of Honey Springs Reenactment

Checotah, Oklahoma

Nov 05 to Nov 07, 2021


Fort Branch Reenactment

Oak City, North Carolina

Nov 06 to Nov 07, 2021


A Walk in Their Boots

Johnson City, Tennessee

Nov 06 to Nov 07, 2021


Battle of Bibb Furnace

Brierfield, Alabama

Dec 04 to Dec 05, 2021

Civil War Reenactments 2022


Reenactment of the Battle of Olustee or Ocean Pond

Sanderson, Florida

Feb 18 to Feb 20, 2022


Garfields Ascent

TBD, Kentucky

Feb 18 to Feb 20, 2022


The Battle of Texas Hospital

Quitman, Mississippi

Feb 19 to Feb 20, 2022


Spring of '64

Denmark, Illinois

Apr 28 to May 01, 2022


Call to Arms : Homefront to Battlefield

Morton, Illinois

Apr 28 to May 01, 2022


Platte Bridge Reenactment

Casper, Wyoming

Jul 22 to Jul 24, 2022


Raid on the Little General's Farm

Gallant, Alabama

Sep 16 to Sep 18, 2022


Blue And Gray Days

St Marys, West Virginia

Sep 24 to Sep 25, 2022