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Resource - Spur Name Tapes is a military name tape company. We provide for all branches of the service and we are located near Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. For over 50 years we have been in business serving the military. Starting out as a laundry and cleaners, we have kept our incorporated name of Spur Laundry and Cleaners, Inc. However, for the past 30 years we have been producing embroidered, military name tapes. We specialize in same day shipping and it doesn't matter if you're a Cadet or a General. Your order is always important to us! - WW2 101st Airborne Cricket: For the first time since 1944 the 'Acme' toy clicker is available again. This little device which was carried by the paratroopers of the 101st Airborne Division into France on D-Day June 6th 1944 was originally known as the 'No.470 clicker' by manufacturers J Hudson and Co Ltd of Birmingham England but quickly came to be called the 'cricket' by the airborne paratroopers. The cricket is being made once more. Not only that, they are being made by the original company, in the original factory, on the original machines and using the original dies.

American Aviation Historical Society - The primary objective of the organization is the preservation and dissemination of the rich heritage of American aviation. The Society maintains an extensive collection of books, documents and photographs that are available to researchers and aviation enthusiasts on a wide variety of American aviation history. The AAHS publishes an outstanding quarterly Journal and informative AAHS FlightLine that provides information into interesting and often little known facts associated with American aviation. The Society serves as a catalyst by providing a forum for communication among members having a common interest in specific topics.

Insigne - Insigne is a site for collectors of militaria insignia. It is a free site: you will not be asked to join an organization; you will not encounter material that is available to "members only"; The owner, Les Huges, has collected military insignia for 25 years. Les began casting what he learned into magazine articles, an activity that added to my enjoyment of the hobby. What you will find on this site are several of those articles, which present some of the insignia and information I gleaned during years of contacts with veterans of World War II. You will also find material that deals with the hobby of insignia collecting in general and, especially, with the problem of reproduction and fake insignia, a subject that many fear to deal with publicly except in generalities. If you find something in this site that instructs or entertains, it will have served its purpose.

Military Tour - Military Tour strives to produce and procure the most authentic, detailed and high quality products available for sale. With original and reproduction products from WW1 and WW2, including German, American, British, Canadian and other allied countries. Everything from Uniforms, Helmets and Field Gear to Insignia, Medals, Badges, Flags, Knives, and accessories you will find it.

Service of Supply - Service of Supply WWII Reproductions and Militaria specializes in reproduction WW2 gear for the reenactor. They also have original militaria, personal effects, maps, helmets, web gear, rubber grenades...The list just goes on.

Signs of War - World War 2 road signs such as Arnhem, Bastogne, Caen, Carentan, and Falaise. We make vintage signs, Custom built Steel vintage signs, Bespoke Signs, Steel enamel signs and wood signs.

War Whistles - War Whistles delivers quality reproduction whistles from military conflicts and history in the past. Whistles have been used for hundreds of years to control great armies and as lifelines for individual soldiers, sailors and airmen. In these days of modern military technology, the whistle remains true as ever, in delivering a robust signalling capability used by the individual. - Genuine, Refurbished, Replica World War Two & other periods Helmets, Hats and Accessories. Our mission is to supply as accurate as possible, period head-wear and accessories.