Revolutionary War Reenactment Groups

Revolutionary War Reenactors

Although, the American Revolutionary War lasted from 1775 to 1883 you don't need a time machine to experience what it was like. Most Reenactment activities take place in the northeast right where the war was actually fought. Don't be fooled into thinking reenacting is just for the military either. There are many reenactors that help portray the civilian life of the Revolutionary War time period. Many of these reenactments take place right on actual American Revolutionary War battlefields. Reenactors of both Colonial and British forces can be found all over and are always looking for new members to take up arms. Be sure to visit their websites to learn about how you can experience the life of a Revolutionary War soldier or civilian. Whether a reenactor or a spectator, if you are looking for Revolutionary War Reenactments be sure to check out our event listings.

If looking to dive into reenacting, be sure to speak to a unit before making purchases. Many units have loaner gear or special requirements. Check out our guide on How to Join a Reenactment Group.

Revolutionary War Reenactment Groups by State

Revolutionary War Reenactment Groups Groups by State
Reenactment Group State Impression
33rd Regiment of Foot CA British
6th Connecticut Regiment CT Continental
5th Connecticut Regiment CT Continental
2nd Company Governors Footguard CT Continental
First Continental Regiment of Foot DE Continental
13th Continental Regiment Rehoboth Minutemen DE Continental
42nd Royal Highlanders IN British
Yarmouth Minutemen Cape Cod MA Continental
The Stow Minutemen MA Continental
The Lexington Minute Men MA Continental
The Acton Minutemen MA Continental
First Foot Guards MA British
Boxborough Minutemen MA Continental
Bedford Minutemen Company MA Continental
2nd Massachusetts Regiment MA Continental
14th Continental Glover's Marblehead Regiment MA Continental
10th Regiment of Foot MA British
1st Maryland Regiment MD Continental
The 2nd Pennsylvania Regiment and 43rd Regiment of Foot NA British,Continental
Second Continental Light Dragoon's NA American
6th North Carolina Regiment - North Carolina Historical Reenactment Society NA Continental
2d Regiment Light Dragoons Tallmadge's Troop NA Continental
Second New Jersey Regiment, Helms' Company NJ Continental
24th Regiment of Infantry NY British
1st Ulster County Militia NY Continental
6th Pennsylvania Regiment PA Continental
1st Pennsylvania Regiment PA Continental
Le Régiment Bourbonnais RI French
2nd South Carolina Regiment SC Continental
First Virginia Regiment VA Continental
7th Virginia Regiment VA Continental
Reenactment Group State Impression