Civil War Reenactment Groups

Civil War Soldiers Reenacting in a field

The American Civil War, fought between 1861 and 1865, continues to live on in the form of living history reenactments. A Civil War Reenactment is the recreation of past battles for the education and entertainment of both spectators and hobbyists alike. Most reenactments will also have the opportunity to view the daily life of a soldier in camp. You can find civil war reenactments all over the country 12 months out of the year. Some of these historical recreations even take place on actual American Civil War battlefields.

The majority of reenactment organizations can be found along the U.S. east coast but can also be found all over the west coast and even internationally. Whether you are looking for a unit to join or to invite to your next event, the directory below will have what you are looking for. We hope you consider inviting a reenactment group to your next educational event.

Of all the historical reenactment organizations out there, American Civil War groups are some of the most prolific. Reenactors of both Confederate and Union forces can be found all over and are always looking for new members to take up arms. Be sure to visit their websites to learn about how you can join the cause and experience the Civil War or just catch up with one at the next event you attend.

If looking to dive into reenacting, the number one piece of advice is to speak to a unit before making purchases. Many units have loaner gear or special requirements. Check out our guide on How to Join a Reenactment Group.

Civil War Reenactment Groups by State

Civil War Reenactment Groups Groups by State
Reenactment Group State Impression
Alabama Division of Reenactors AL Confederate
8th Confederate Cavalry / 7th Kentucky Cavalry (US) AL Union,Confederate
6th Alabama Cavalry AL Confederate
33rd Alabama Company E AL Confederate
31st Alabama Co. F AL Confederate
18th Alabama Company G AL Union,Confederate
8th Alabama Company I "The Emerald Guard" CA Confederate
69th New York Volunteers, Company B CA Union
43rd Virginia Cavalry CA Confederate
20th Maine Company G CA Union
Second Connecticut Regiment of Volunteers "The Old 19th CVI'' CT Union
Eighth Regiment Connecticut Volunteers, Company A CT Union
14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry CT Union
The Leon Rifles FL Confederate
Pawnee Guard GA Union
Georgia Sharpshooters GA Confederate
Freeman's Battery Forrest Artillery GA Confederate
4th Georgia Co E GA Union
28th Georgia, Company G GA Union,Confederate
Iowa Light Artillery IA Union
Army of the Southwest IA Confederate
24th Iowa Volunteer Regiment Civil War Reenactors IA Union
Battery G, Second Illinois Light Artillery IL Confederate
10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry IL Union
5TH Kentucky / 10th KY KY Union
2nd Maryland Cavalry Battalion, CSA MD Confederate
Turner Brigade MO Union
11th Mississippi Company G MO Confederate
1st U.S. Vol. Regiment-Company H MT Union
West Virginia Reenactors Association NA Confederate
Washington Civil War Association NA Union
Union Volunteers NA Union
The Stonewall Brigade NA Confederate
The Liberty Guards NA Confederate
The Independent Rifles NA Union,Confederate
The 4th Alabama Cavalry NA Confederate
Palmetto Riflemen NA Union
Northwest Civil War Council NA Union
Longstreet's Corps NA
Georgia Division Reenactors Association NA Confederate
First Maryland Volunteer Infantry NA Union
First Federal Division NA Union
Federal Volunteer Brigate NA Union
Civil War Historical Impressions, Inc. NA Union,Confederate
Chicago Light Artillery - Battery A NA Union
Birney's Division NA Union
American Civil War Association NA Union,Confederate
6th U.S. Infantry NA Union
6th South Carolina Volunteers NA Confederate
6th New Hampshire Infantry, Company E NA Union
69th NYSV Historical Association NA Union
3rd Maine Infantry Company A NA Union
33rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry NA Union
28th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry NA Union
24th Missouri Infantry NA Union
1st NC Volunteers / 11th NC NA Confederate
1st Alabama Cavalry NA Confederate,Cavalry
16th GA Co G "Jackson Rifles" NA Confederate
149th Pennsylvania Bucktails Volunteer Infantry NA Union
148th PVI Company C NA Union
10th Virginia Company "B" NA Confederate
North State Rifles NC Confederate
30th North Carolina Troops NC Confederate
The Second NJ Brigade NJ Union
Delaware River Blues Company K NJ Union
27th Regiment of New Jersey Company F NJ Union
Southern Nevada Living History Association NV Union,Confederate
Nevada Civil War Organization NV Union
21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry NY Confederate
140th New York Volunteer Infantry NY Union
Mess No. 1 OH Union
27th Virginia, Company G OH Confederate
Mifflin Guard PA Union
54th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry PA Union
142nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company F PA Union
140th Pennsylvania Volunteers Co. A PA Union
52nd Tennessee Infantry TN Confederate
15th Texas Living History Organization TX Confederate
3rd U.S. Regular Infantry - Company K VA Union
30th Battalion Virginia Sharpshooters VA Confederate
28th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Company B VA Union
21st Virginia Volunteer Infantry, F Company VA Union
19th Virginia Infantry Company B - The Albemarle Rifles VA Confederate
13th Virginia Infantry VA Confederate
33d Regiment - Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry WI Union
2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry WI Union
Reenactment Group State Impression