Texas Military Historical Society

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The Texas Military Historical Society (TMHS) is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to preserving and experiencing the period of 1939-1945. It is in that idea that the Society was formed to promote and strengthen the World War II reenacting hobby. Our purpose is to portray, present and recreate the diverse groups of combat soldiers that fought in the conflict. The Texas Military Historical Society has been around since 1978 and has undergone a couple of name changes.The first name was "The Southwest World War II Historical Society" and later in 1984 the named change to "The 36th Division Ceremonial and Demonstration Auxiliary" and eventually became the "Texas Military Historical Society" in 1988 when tax exempt status was granted as a 503c nonprofit Texas corporation. The TMHS works closely with the Texas Military Forces Museum located at Camp Mabry in Austin, Texas. The Texas Military Historical Society represents reenacting in the 1939-1945 time period. This has led to the development and growth of numerous units representing all members of the conflict. The units represented all follow strict rules that govern authenticity, safety and tactics. The Axis side includes regular soldiers, artillery, paratroopers, engineers and armor.

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Caution: Milsurpia does not support or condone any neo-nazi, extremist, or anti-American organizations or activities. Many reenactment groups accurately portray the history of previous conflicts which may include the display of flags and logos deemed sensitive to some.