Allied Airmen's Preservation Society- Midatlantic District

Unit Description:

The motto of the AAPS is "To Honor, Preserve, and Remember Those Who Protected Our Freedom". We HONOR those men and women who gave of themselves during the war. Had it not been for their sacrifices, we wouldn't be able to enjoy the freedoms that we enjoy today. We PRESERVE the memorabilia of the WWII era and the memories of those who lived it. Collectors of uniforms and equipment of WWII airmen, we learn all we can of their experiences during the war. We REMEMBER and pass along the information from these honored few making sure their history does not fade after their passing. We will be the last generation who can say "I spoke to a WWII veteran".

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Caution: Milsurpia does not support or condone any neo-nazi, extremist, or anti-American organizations or activities. Many reenactment groups accurately portray the history of previous conflicts which may include the display of flags and logos deemed sensitive to some.