USS The Sullivans (DD-537)

Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park
Buffalo, New York
USS Sullivan at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval and Military Park
Courtesy of the Buffalo and Erie County Naval & Military Park


Come and experience history at the USS Sullivans, located at the Buffalo and Erie County Naval Park. This historic naval ship is a must-visit destination for all history enthusiasts.

The USS Sullivans is a Fletcher-class destroyer that served in World War II, Korean War, and Cold War. Visitors can explore its various decks and learn about its incredible journey through the years. It is also known as "The Grey Ghost" due to its successful combat record.

Step aboard and witness the impressive weaponry and technology used during its time in service. Explore the living quarters, engine room, mess hall, and more to get a sense of what life was like for sailors on this brave vessel.

Not only does the USS Sullivans offer a glimpse into naval history, but it also pays tribute to the five Sullivan brothers who served together  and tragically lost their lives during World War II. The ship's name honors their bravery and sacrifice.

Make sure to visit the Buffalo and Erie County Naval Park gift shop to take home a piece of this unforgettable experience. Don't miss your chance to visit this living piece of American history. Come aboard the USS Sullivans at Buffalo and Erie County Naval Park today!

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USS The Sullivans (DD-537)
Buffalo, New York
Lat: 42.87, Long: -78.8
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