USS Lucid (MSO-458)

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USS Lucid (MSO-458)

Stockton, California
Lat: 37.95, Long: -121. Google Maps


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USS LCS(L)(3)-102
Vallejo, California
The San Francisco area is no stranger to its warship museums and the USS LCS-102 is one of the top ones to see. The USS LCS(L)-102 is a landing craft support ship launched on February 3rd, 1945. This vessel was built for the United States Navy and saw service in the Battle of Okinawa. Landing craft support ships are specially designed vessels which could provide close support to landing craft and had more firepower than any other vessel per ton. The LCS(L)-102 is the only surviving vessel of her class. The LCS 102 is currently docked in Vallejo, California at the former Mare Island Naval Shipyard. Visitors can be treated to full tours of the ship and as the museum describes it themselves, “from the pilot house down to the engine room.” The museum has been dedicating itself since 2007 to restoring the vessel back to its world war 2 configuration. After years of serving in the U.S. Navy, Japanese navy, and Thai navy this is no small task. The crew works tirelessly to meticulously present this museum ship and visitors won’t be left disappointed. As usual, visitors to the vessel should check the museum website for operating hours prior to traveling long distances.
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Mare Island
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USS Hornet Museum
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USS Hornet (CV-12)
Alameda, California
The USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum mission is to utilize USS Hornet and the collections, exhibitions, and educational programming to promote awareness and understanding of history, science, technology, and service. Take a step into history and explore what the USS Hornet Sea, Air and Space Museum has to offer. With docent led and self-exploring tour options there is something for the entire family to enjoy. We have the largest collection of Apollo artifacts on the West Coast as well as a robust collection of aircraft and helicopters from World War II to the Vietnam War. The USS Hornet was launched in 1943 and from 1944 onwards was involved in every major Aircraft Carrier action for the rest of the war in the Pacific. The USS Hornet shot down more enemy aircraft than any other Aircraft Carrier in the War. Just before the end of the war the USS Hornet was damaged by a typhoon and had to return to port for repairs. She did participate in Operation Magic Carpet Ride to help bring home thousands of servicemen from the Pacific after the war. During the Korean War the USS Hornet was undergoing a major refit so she did not participate in that conflict. During the Cold War and the Vietnam War the USS Hornet had been outfitted as an Anti-Submarine Carrier and served several tours in that capacity. Finally, the USS Hornet participated in the Apollo space program by recovering the capsules and astronauts from the Apollo 11 and 12 missions, the first and second missions that landed men on the moon. (Description has been provided courtesy of the USS Hornet Museum)
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