Titan Missile Museum

Green Valley, Arizona
Titan II Missile
Titan Missile Museums Titan II. Photo courtesy of TMM.

Step into History at Titan Missile Museum

At the Titan Missile Museum, near Tucson, Arizona, visitors journey through time to stand on the front line of the Cold War. This preserved Titan II missile site, officially known as complex 571-7, is all that remains of the 54 Titan II missile sites that were on alert across the United States from 1963 to 1987.

This one-of-a kind museum gives visitors a rare look at the technology used by the United States to deter nuclear war. What was once one of America’s most top secret places is now a National Historic Landmark, fulfilling its new mission of bringing Cold War history to life for millions of visitors from around the world.


Go underground and back in time on the 45-minute guided tour. You’ll descend 35 feet into the missile complex, visit the launch control center, and experience a simulated launch of the missile. Then you’ll journey down the cableway to level 2 of the missile silo to get an up-close look at the Titan II missile itself. This tour lets you experience Cold War paranoia and American ingenuity while walking in the footsteps of the brave men and women who operated America’s largest land-based missile ever deployed.

*Note: Visitors who are not able to descend and climb 55 stair steps for the guided tour can still enjoy the surface portion of the missile site.


Guests are encouraged to explore the surface of the complex after their tour of the silo. On the topside, visitors will see the alarm systems, known as tipsies, that secured the missile silo door, get to look at the engine up-close, and more. There is also a spectacular view of the missile from up above! Looking down into the 146-foot missile silo you will see the Titan II Missile standing tall as it did on Alert for over 20 years.

Description has been provided courtesy of the Titan Missile Museum

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1580 W Duval Mine Rd
Green Valley, Arizona
Lat: 31.90, Long: -110.
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