SS Red Oak Victory

Richmond, California
SS Red Oak Victory
SS Red Oak Victory

Step into History at SS Red Oak Victory

The SS Red Oak Victory is one of the more unique experiences to explore the history of our nation's naval past. Boasting a rich and varied history, this famous ex-WWII cargo ship has been restored to its original condition, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience life aboard a vessel that was once part of our nation's proudest fleet. With its fully equipped galley, sleeping quarters, and engine room, visitors can get an up close and personal look at what it was like to serve on such a grand vessel. The Red Oak Victory is one of only 3 victory ship museums in the United States.

For those who'd like to take their experience even further, there are many guided tours that can be taken around the ship. These tours will provide visitors with an in depth look at various areas of the SS Red Oak Victory, as well as stories about its past occupants, their extensive voyages, and its eventual decommissioning after World War II.

The SS Red Oak Victory also provides educational opportunities for those interested in learning more about naval history. There are classes available for both adults and children alike focusing on topics ranging from basic navigation skills to U.S. Naval strategy during WW2. Additionally, experts are always on hand to give lectures or answer questions about the history of this majestic vessel.

Finally, no tour would be complete without taking advantage of the stunning views offered by the SS Red Oak Victory's top decks. From here one can take in breathtaking views while learning more about one of America's most treasured vessels. So if you're looking for an exciting adventure that doubles as a fascinating lesson in history, then look no further than the SS Red Oak Victory!

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Red Oak Victory
Richmond, California
Lat: 37.90, Long: -122.
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