Oregon Aviation Historical Society

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Oregon Aviation Historical Society
Image provided courtesy of Oregon Aviation Historical Society


The Oregon Aviation Historical Society’s mission is to “collect, preserve, and restore Oregon related aviation artifacts for interpretive and educational display to insure the preservation of Oregon’s rich aviation heritage for future generations.” The museum houses some very unique pieces in their hangars as well as being the home to the Oregon Aviation Hall of Fame. The museum houses more than 5 home built aircraft that exhibit the exhilaration story of experimental aircraft and their impact on American avation history. Aside from the finished aircraft on display, the organization is constantly working on new restorations. For those looking for volunteer opportunities, the Oregon Aviation Historical Society is constantly looking for skilled volunteers. Be sure to swing by and check out everything they have to offer or visit their social media channels for some great updates! An important note, private tours can be made available on request. As usual, we recommend checking the museum’s website hours prior to traveling long distances for a visit. Check out the video introduction from their youtube channel below!!


2475 Jim Wright Way
Cottage Grove, Oregon
Lat: 43.80, Long: -123. Google Maps


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Oregon International Air Show - McMinnville (96.66 mi)
Sep 29 to Oct 01, 2023
McMinnville, OR

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