Fort Hawkins

Macon, Georgia
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Step into History at Fort Hawkins

Fort Hawkins was built by the United States in 1806 and through 1824, it was a place of "relatively great economic, military, and political importance."  For the Creek Nation, it was a center of the deerskin trade with European Americans, who had a trading post or factory there, but for them it was most important as related to their sacred grounds at Ocmulgee Old Fields. This continued to be a significant social and ceremonial center. (The LAMAR Institute, Report 124, 2008, p. 1)

Instead of viewing Fort Hawkins as a jewel in Macon’s crown of historic sites, we must now recognize the fort as a large jeweled clasp in an exquisite pearl necklace of national historic significance. The fort bridges our prehistoric (indigenous), historic (British), revolution era (Washington, Jefferson & Hawkins), War of 1812 (Hawkins, Jackson, Blackshear), WW1, WW2 (Emery Highway and Camp Wheeler) worlds to our present and future.

Although explorers and traders came from Europe to what is now the United States much earlier, British General George Oglethorpe negotiated with Yamacaw Chief Tomochichi, using Mary Musgrove as an interpreter for European settlement land on the coast of Georgia. This began an inland expansion which became the colony and later the state of Georgia. It also illustrates a point we need to recognize. The United States is, and always was melting pot. We are multicultural. Oglethorpe was British. Tomochichi was a member of a Muskogee-Creek group, and Mary Musgrove, also known as Coosaponakeesa, “was the daughter of the English trader Edward Griffin and a Creek Indian mother who was related to Brims and Chigelli, two Creek leaders” (Frank, New Georgia Encyclopedia Mary Musgrove: ca. 1700-ca. 1763).

In addition to the fort itself, visitors can enjoy the scenic surroundings of Macon, known for its rich musical heritage and cultural landmarks. With its iconic cherry blossom trees and charming downtown area, Macon is a must-visit destination in its own right.

Whether you're a history buff, a curious traveler or simply looking for a unique experience, a visit to Historic Fort Hawkins in Macon Georgia is sure to be an unforgettable one. Come and discover the stories of the people and events that shaped America's early years.

Open for tours every weekend from Noon till 4:00. Family-friendly free event. Donations accepted. Free t-shirt with $20 donation. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Take a listen to the Fort Hawkins Podcast

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Fort Hawkins Emery Highway
Macon, Georgia
Lat: 32.84, Long: -83.6
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