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The Battle of Bunker Hill was fought June 17th, 1775. During the siege of Boston, Colonial forces confronted a much larger British force at a nearby hill known as Breed's Hill. Despite most of the battle taking place at Breed's Hill the battle would still be known as Bunker Hill. The battle may have been a loss for the Colonial's but it proved to the British they were a force to be reckoned with. Even though the colonials were far outnumbered, they still managed to inflict heavy casualties on the British and only give up their positions after three separate assaults. Another anecdote in history to come out of the war is the often repeated quote, "Do not fire until you see the whites of their eyes", which is typically attributed to the Colonial Forces leader William Prescott. Visitors to the battlefield today will find that most of the battlefield has been taken over by urban development. Visitors can still visit the 221 foot obelisk monument and a statue of William Prescott who commanded the patriot forces in the battle.


Charlestown, Massachusetts
Lat: 42.37, Long: -71.0 Google Maps

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