Air Force Flight Test Museum

SR-71 Blackbird at Air Force Flight Test Museum
Image Provided Courtesy of the Flight Test Museum

The Air Force Flight Test Museum (AFFTM) at Edwards Air Force Base sets the bar high for aviation history experiences. The museum’s mission to “preserve, display and educate the public to over 75 years of flight test research” has been accomplished handily. With over 80 aircraft covering aviation flight test all from World War 2 all the way to present, aviation enthusiasts will have a hard time picking a favorite. Alongside the aircraft, the collection also includes important memorabilia such as wind tunnel models, missiles, and aircraft engine systems. The flight test museum has many aircraft that are so iconic it would be hard to find an aviation buff who doesn’t recognize them. The museum also holds aircraft and exhibits which will surprise even the most well-read of aviation lovers. Visitors are treated to iconic aircraft such as the SR-71 Blackbird. One aircraft that might surprise is the YA-10B. The YA-10B is a one-of-a-kind aircraft. All production A-10 aircraft are single-seaters yet the YA-10B on display at the Flight Test Museum is a two-seater. This is just one example of surprising and unique items on display. In December 2021, the flight museum is moving!! According to the AFFTM, “We are moving the Flight Test Museum from its 8,500 square foot space on Edwards Air Force Base to a new 75,000 square foot location just outside the West Gate. There will be more space for our current aircraft collection, a STEM Education Center and will allow for easier public access. Construction has begun - but we still need your help!” Make sure to check out the museum’s website and social media!

405 Rosamond Blvd
Edwards AFB, California
Lat: 34.91, Long: -117. Google Maps


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