Massey Air Museum

Massey Air Museum is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving “Grassroots Aviation” as you might have experienced it in the late 40’s at any rural airport shortly after WW2. Exhibits include many tail wheel aircraft, aircraft engines with a focus on the aviation heritage of Maryland and Delaware.The museum located on Massey Aerodrome MD1, a 3000’ x 100’ grass airport. The Massey Air Museum collection includes a replica 1911 Wright Glider, 1946 Ercoupe, 1937 Douglas DC-3, a Russian Antonov Ln-2 1000 hp biplane, 1940’s rotating beacon tower, a 100 year old working windmill with cypress wood tank inside the tower. 24 flying airplanes and 13 gliders are based at the airport. In the hangars, privately owned aircraft are available for viewing including two WW2 Stearman trainers and a 1943 Stinson (“Gull Wing”) Reliant that had been “loaned” to the British in WW2. The 3,000 volumes in the aviation library are available for loan to museum members.

33541 Maryland Line Road
Massey, Maryland
Lat: 39.30, Long: -75.8 Google Maps


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