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Spirit of 76 Logo Banner

The Spirit of 76 Living History Association is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to showcasing and educating the public about life during the 18th century. Through interactive events, camps, and demonstrations, the association brings history to life by portraying the lives and experiences of soldiers, sailors, and civilians during this time period.

As a registered 501(c)3 in the state of Washington, the Spirit of 76 Living History Association is committed to preserving and sharing an important era in American history. The association portrays both British and American personas, providing a well-rounded and accurate representation of life during this time.

Throughout the year, members of the association participate in veteran and patriotic parades, honoring those who have served their country. They also host encampments where visitors can see firsthand how people lived during the 18th century. From cooking over open fires to demonstrating military tactics, these events offer an immersive experience for all ages.

The Spirit of 76 Living History Association is passionate about bringing history to life for future generations. By preserving and sharing the stories of those who came before us, they aim to foster a deeper understanding and appreciation for our past. Through their dedication to authenticity and education, they are a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about this important period in American history. To learn more about upcoming events or how you can get involved with the association, visit their website and give their social media channels a follow!

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