Pawnee Guard

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Image provided courtesy of Pawnee Guard.

The Pawnee Guard is a Civil War Reenacting unit located in the Southeast Region. We have members from Alabama, Florida and Georgia. We portray United States Marines and Florida Infantry. We attend about 10 events a year scattered throughout the southeast. We are a family friendly group that loves history, or military heritage and camping together. To join: check out the website, contact us, and make arrangements to meet at an event. Our events are listed on our events page. Check out our Facebook page to see what we are up to lately and get a feel for what we do. There are no dues. Anyone who is interested in educating the public on the Civil War and the people who fought then is welcome to join us. We portray the Marine Detachment from the USS Pawnee, a federal gunboat that operated off the east coast during the war. Sailor impressions are welcome too. We have a boat to do amphibious assaults and spare uniforms to lend out. We also do the 2nd Florida Company F, a unit that fought in the Army of Northern Virginia with General Lee from Seven Pines until Appomattox at the end of the war. Members can fall in the ranks and fight, educate the public with displays or help out in camp with the meals and the fire. (Description provided courtesy of the Pawnee Guard Reenactors)

Upcoming Events

Pawnee Guard does not have any events listed here. If you would like to add one contact us.