Dixie Division Military Vehicles Club

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Dixie Division Military Vehicles Club brings together individuals who share a common interest in preserving and restoring historic military vehicles. Members collect, display, and preserve vehicles from all of the different nations and eras of history, allowing them to become knowledgeable in their historical use and service.

Since 1999, membership has continued to grow and people from North America and even Europe. From seasoned collectors to complete newbies, everyone is welcome to join the club regardless of whether they own a vehicle or not. The groups mission is rooted in providing an enjoyable experience for our members while also educating them through sharing knowledge about cars, tools, parts, and maintenance techniques – no matter if you’re just starting out or a veteran collector.

The Dixie Military Vehicle Club hosts regular events and military vehicle shows throughout each year.  For those who don’t have access to nearby events or simply prefer exploring online content, the group offer a wide selection of photos and information on their website related to military vehicles. 

Upcoming Events

Dixie Division Military Vehicles Club does not have any events listed here. If you would like to add one contact us.

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