Civil War Historical Impressions, Inc.

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Civil War Historical Impressions, Inc. (CWHI) is a distinguished reenactment group dedicated to preserving and honoring the history of the Civil War. With a focus on "Living History," CWHI strives to provide an authentic and immersive experience for both its members and the public. Through various demonstrations, such as battle reenactments, memorial ceremonies, parades, and educational presentations, CWHI brings to life the struggles and sacrifices of those who lived through this tumultuous period in American history.

At CWHI, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of the reenacting community. Our members are passionate about historical accuracy and strive to portray the men and women of the Civil War with utmost respect and authenticity. We believe that by educating ourselves and others about this important time in our nation's past, we can gain a deeper understanding of our shared heritage.

In addition to promoting historical education through our events, CWHI also supports the preservation of significant properties, cemeteries, and monuments from this era. We recognize the importance of preserving these artifacts as they serve as tangible reminders of our nation's past and help us remember the sacrifices made by those who came before us.

We not only aim to educate and entertain but also encourage others to join us in our mission. By involving the public in our activities, we hope to inspire a greater appreciation for our country's history and promote awareness for its preservation. Join us at CWHI as we honor and remember the brave men and women who played a significant role in shaping our nation during the Civil War.

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