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American Civil War Association Logo

The American Civil War Association of Northern and Central California is dedicated to preserving the memory of the United States' most divisive conflict. With an emphasis on education, members strive to accurately recreate battles, camps, and clothing from the era in order to give the public a greater understanding of this tumultuous time. Through battle reenactments and school programs, members portray both sides of the war in order to honor those who sacrificed so much for their beliefs. In addition, members dress in detailed period clothing and use genuine equipment from the period, transporting visitors right back into the 1860's. By attending events hosted by ACWA, visitors can gain a unique insight into what life was like during this momentous part of American history while simultaneously honoring those who fought and died for it. It is clear that ACWCNCC is passionate about educating people on the Civil War while simultaneously honoring those who lost their lives for it—an extraordinary effort that should be recognized and appreciated.

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