8th Alabama Company I "The Emerald Guard"

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The 8th Alabama, Co. I "Emerald Guard" are a reenactment group based in Southern California with most of its members in the greater Los Angeles area. We are family friendly, but authentic standards are adhered to. (No Pakistan uniforms, approved authentic vendors only, research and unit history reading required, no modern items in camp). We will work with new recruits to help them improve their impressions and knowledge and present the most authentic impression possible to the public. About the historical unit, "The 8th Alabama Company I was formed on January 11th 1861 with men from Mobile and surrounding counties in Southern Alabama. It was the first unit from Alabama to volunteer their services for the duration of hostilities. Company I became known as the "Emerald Guard" when 102 of their 107 men were either 1st generation Irish or immigrated themselves. They were made up of mostly dock workers from Mobile. Company I and the rest of the 8th served for the duration of the war and were away from their families from June of 1861 until the war ended in April of 1865. "

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