5TH Kentucky / 10th KY

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A family friendly Civil War reenacting group portraying the 5th Ky CSA Nelson Grays and the 10th Ky US. Our unit is a long established and well respected family oriented group. Membership is open to all persons, regardless of age, sex, and race, who wish to accurately portray the War Between The States (WBTS) time period as a Confederate Soldier/Civilian and/or Federal Soldier/Civilian based on the events that we attend. We are historic re-enactors,WE ARE NOT RACIST, WAR MONGERS, OR A HATE GROUP. We do not tolerate those feelings as a group, just as we do not tolerate attacks upon our heritage. We welcome and encourage participation by individuals or families. The members of the group form a strong bond of friendship both on and off the field. We portray Company B of the original 5th KY Infantry that fought as part of the Confederate "Orphan Brigade" and the 10th KY Company A,US in the WBTS. This unit was made up of Kentuckians who fought with distinction throughout the entire war. Our goal is to present an accurate impression for the public to contribute to the preservation of historic battlefield sites and to increase our knowledge of and appreciation for the WBTS time period. The group is organized along military lines with an Officer, NCOs', and Privates. There are also civilian members. The group is run democratically with the Commanding Officer and 1st SGT. being elected annually by the membership and the Corporals being appointed by the Commanding Officer. At many of the events that we participate in we are part of a larger organization of reenactment units called the TVB (Tennessee Valley Battalion). There are many WBTS reenactments in our region, that is, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, and Indiana. We meet once a year in January to vote on which events to attend for the coming season. We participate in regional events as well as large "National" events; usually a total of 9 to 10 events a year. We have no requirement for a minimum number of events, but we do encourage members and non-members alike to participate.

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