33d Regiment - Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry

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The 33rd Wisconsin Civil War History Group is made up of volunteers who share in reenacting what the men and women of Wisconsin did during the American Civil War (1861-1865). We strive to do this in a way that properly honors the memories, and sacrifices, of those who helped preserve the country and freedoms we now enjoy as Americans. As Civil War historians and reenactors we work hard to portray the lives and times of the soldiers and civilians of the 1860's as accurately as careful research and prudent safety allow. To this end we try to wear the same clothing, use the same equipment, do the same activities, sing the same songs, and eat the same foods as they did then. Our goal is to learn, to teach, and to have fun doing so. The 33d Wisconsin is a "hardcore" reenacting unit. Civilians with period impressions are welcome, but we ARE NOT a "familly orintated" unit. THE 33RD WISCONSIN CIVIL WAR HISTORY GROUP IS MADE UP OF VOLUNTEERS WHO SHARE IN REENACTING WHAT THE MEN AND WOMEN OF WISCONSIN DID DURING THE AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. Our primary military impression is that of Company E, "The Rock County Plough Boys" of the 33rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Regiment which served in the 'Western Theatre' of the war. Our alternative 'Eastern Theatre' impression is of Company G, "The Grand Rapids Guards" of the 7th Wisconsin, part of the famous "Iron Brigade." We participate in public living history programs, parades, memorial services, military encampments, and battle reenactments. While we portrays Civil War soldiers, we are not a militia, nor are we political. Rather we are a diverse group of people from all walks of life and all areas of Wisconsin who volunteer our personal time without remuneration. We invite you to come to our public events, observe our camp, watch us drill, and ask questions. And if you are interested, we are always open to new members. (Description sourced from 33d Regiment Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Website)

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