Revolutionary War Reenactments

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Every year, reenactors recreate the scenes of battle and the soldier life of the colonial period of the American Revolutionary War. These reenactments come in various shapes and forms. Many of these events happen upon the actual Revolutionary War battlefields and forts. A living history event is not just about scenes of battle, many reenactment events might not even have a battle. Encampments are a form of reenactment where the public can learn from reenactors the way soldiers lived over 250 years ago. 

Tactical Reenactment: Some reenactments will be listed as "tactical" or "private". These events are closed to the public and open to reenactors only. Many reenactors enjoy immersing themselves in the period and there just weren't any spectators with smart phones during these time periods.

Sutlers: You will often see information regarding sutlers on various websites and event listings. A sutler is generally known as a person who followed an army selling their wares.

Before traveling to one of these Revolutionary War reenactments always verify with the event coordinator pertinent information. Event coordinators may change dates, times, and location of events at any time.

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