Fate of All Foragers

Bethune , South Carolina
Union Civil War Soldiers
Image provided courtesy of the the Palmetto Riflemen
Event Dates
external link iconFeb 03 to Feb 04, 2024

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4233 Bethune Rd, Bethune, SC 29009, USA
Lat: 34.4902, Long: -80.443

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Experience an unforgettable Civil War Reenactment at Fate of All Foragers

The Civil War reenactment, known as the "Civil War Reenactment Fate of All Foragers," is set to take place at the 159th anniversary of the Skirmishes at West Crossroads & Tillers Ferry near Bethune, South Carolina. This highly anticipated event will feature a variety of activities and experiences for attendees to enjoy.

Sutlers and vendors will be on-site, offering authentic goods and merchandise for purchase. Visitors can also immerse themselves in history by exploring the living history demonstration area, complete with authentic bivouacs and interactive displays.

Throughout the event, there will be speakers discussing various aspects of the Civil War and its impact on society. Daily skirmishes will also take place, giving spectators an up-close look at what life was like during this tumultuous time in American history.

One of the highlights of this event is the battle reenactment, where participants will recreate a historic clash on the battlefield. Spectators are invited to witness this spectacle and gain a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made during the Civil War.

For those interested in fully immersing themselves in the experience, there will be opportunities to visit authentic campsites and participate in living history programs. Don't miss your chance to relive history at the "Civil War Reenactment Fate of All Foragers" - an unforgettable event for all ages.

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Palmetto Riflemen Crest

The Palmetto Riflemen is a reenactment group headquartered out of Lexington, South Carolina. The Palmetto Riflemen have members based across The Carolinas and Georgia with participation in both local and national living histories, reenactments, and other events. The unit focuses on recreating the experiences of soldiers during the American Civil War. They are dedicated to preserving and educating others about this important period in history. The group organizes events and demonstrations that showcase the daily lives of soldiers, their tactics, and their weapons. Their website, provides information on upcoming events, membership details, and educational resources for those interested in learning more about the Civil War and the Palmetto Riflemen . The Palmetto Riflemen & New York Zouaves are passionate about bringing history to life and honoring the bravery of those who fought for independence.

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