Great Middletown Firearm & Knife Show

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Next Date Feb 18 to Feb 19, 2023!
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  • Feb 18 to Feb 19, 2023
  • Apr 01 to Apr 02, 2023
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Orange County Fairgrounds
100 Carpenter Ave
Middletown, New York Google Maps
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Email: fasttrack@rcn.com
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Mark your calendars today so you don't miss the next Great Middletown Firearm & Knife Show in Middletown, New York in February

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Nov 09, 2022 by Pa****k Lu***r

Great gun show with lots of tables. Always a packed house. The show has a large selection of tables to choose from. This one is not a military show per say but rather your run of the mill gun show with a good amount of tables specializing in militaria or classic firearms. The only reason I rated it 4 stars is due to how narrow the aisles are, its very hard to get by people. Also, there are a large amount of tables that could only be defined as "taser bros".

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