D-Day Conneaut

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Next Date Aug 17 to Aug 19, 2023!
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This annual event offers a highly realistic, educational and free to the public reenactment of the WWII European Theater of Operations, as well as the D-Day Normandy invasion that has thrilled thousands of spectators since its inception in 1999. Witness an accurate and detailed recreation of the historic events surrounding the allied landings on the coast of Normandy, France with up to hundreds of world war 2 reenactors from all across North America.

The event takes place within the beautiful Conneaut Township Park in Conneaut, Ohio - a 250 yard long beach and adjacent terrain closely resembling Omaha Beach in Normandy. It’s a thrilling event chock full of action, with activities such as military demonstrations and ceremonies; weapons demonstrations; vehicle displays; immersive interactive scavenger hunts; live entertainment including period music and more. Watch as soldiers march along the beach in authentic World War 2 uniforms before engaging in a precise reenactment battle between Allies and Axis forces.

In addition to all this excitement is an informative living history camp with plenty of educational opportunities to get up close and personal with WWII memorabilia such as: original photographs, documents, posters, clothing and equipment. Learn what life was like during this period through talks by knowledgeable historians about topics such as army organization, morale building activities and more.

So gather up your family & friends for an unforgettable experience at “D-Day Conneaut” World War 2 Reenactment – it promises to captivate audiences from all ages!

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  • Aug 17 to Aug 19, 2023

480 Lake Rd, Conneaut, OH 44030, USA Google Maps

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