Camp Geiger Civil War Reenactment

Hokendauqua , Pennsylvania
The Union Volunteers Reenactment Group Logo
Next Date Apr 29 to Apr 30, 2023!
Union Volunteers Reenactors

The Union Volunteers will be hosting Camp Geiger, a Civil war re-enactment at Whitehall parkway in Whitehall, Pa.

The weekend will include..

  • Military drills
  • Firing demonstrations
  • Field hospital
  • Tactical battle
  • Re-enactment of a major battle
  • A candle light tour
  • Fastest 3 rounds per minute shot contest.
Union Volunteers
The Union Volunteers Reenactment Group Logo

Union Volunteers are a living history organization that specializes in the civil war. They are devoted to educating people on the civil war and preserving its memory through reenactments of battles. Union Volunteers have members from all over the United States, each passionate about their mission to preserve their nation's history for generations to come. Moreover, by bringing civil war history back to life through reenactment events, they help others understand this important part of our shared American experience. Union Volunteers recreate civil war battles and camp life demonstrating soldier skills from cooking to shooting skirmish drills. Their individual attention creates unique pageantry for each reenactment enabling visitors to take a civil war journey complete with the sights and sounds of the era. As such, Union Volunteers is a unique group dedicated to honoring American civil war soldiers and keeping the memories they fought so hard for alive.

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  • Apr 29 to Apr 30, 2023

3219 MacArthur Rd, Whitehall, PA 18052, USA Google Maps

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