Skirmish at Fort Harker

Stevenson , Alabama
Civil War cannon at Fort Harker
Skirmish at Fort Harker. Photo courtesy of Jarrod Farley.
Event Dates
external link iconApr 06 to Apr 07, 2024

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Sawmill Rd, Stevenson, AL 35772, USA
Lat: 34.8614, Long: -85.840

Experience an unforgettable Civil War Reenactment at Fort Harker

We invite you to join us for an exciting and educational experience at the Skirmish at Fort Harker Civil War Reenactment. This action-packed event will be held at the site of Fort Harker, built in 1862 at a strategic position protecting railroad lines.

On this special day, reenactors will be replicating the past with a full-fledged Civil War reenactment! Guests have the chance to watch as history is brought back to life with demonstrations by participants who will recreate battle tactics and events from the 1860's. There will also be living history displays and activities for visitors to take part in, including tours of authentic American Civil War military camps. Both military and civilian reenactors are on hand to answer any questions you may have about the Civil War era.

This stirring celebration of American history also includes entertainment such as musical performances and period vendors selling their wares. Don't miss this chance to experience a piece of America's past right here at Fort Harker.

The Skirmish at Fort Harker promises to be an engaging reenactment that brings alive the stories of brave individuals who fought for freedom and dignity during a turbulent time in American history. Come out for a thrilling glimpse into what life was like during the Civil War - complete with gunfights, parades and much more! 

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