Tulsa Arms Collectors Association

Tulsa , Oklahoma
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Next Date Nov 11 to Nov 12, 2023!
Tulsa Arms Collectors Show Banner

Head to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and experience the world’s largest selection of antique, collector and modern firearms, knives and accessories at the Tulsa Arms Show. With more than 4,200 tables in one enormous 11 acre air-conditioned and heated room, you’ll find something for everyone. Whether you are a gun enthusiast or just curious about historical weaponry, come explore the vast array of items available for purchase.

The show has been around for over 30 years with thousands of loyal customers returning year after year. Many buyers take advantage of special deals from vendors that offer discounts to show attendees only. There are also many exhibitors offering hard-to-find items not available anywhere else. Plus, if you are new to the firearm community there will be helpful staff on hand to answer any questions and offer advice to inexperienced buyers.

If you love history then this event is perfect for you! You can explore a variety of collectible antiques dating back centuries including muskets from the Revolutionary War era as well as countless knives from various eras throughout time. Witness firsthand how firearms have evolved over time by browsing through newer high caliber weapons that were used by leading military forces in recent conflicts - all in one convenient place!

Tulsa Arms Show provides an enjoyable atmosphere where people from all walks of life come together to share their passion for guns and knives - whether it’s for hunting, collecting or self defense purposes. Stay up to date on current legislation related to owning these weapons as well as meet interesting folks who share similar interests with you! Come join us at Tulsa Arms Show where quality meets quantity – the perfect setting for collectors around the world!

Tulsa Arms Collectors Association
Tulsa Arms Collectors Show Banner

The Tulsa Arms Collectors Association is an organization dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of firearm history. The Collectors Association has since grown to a membership of over one thousand amateur and professional collectors. Through its clubs, seminars, events and meetings, members benefit from a multitude of opportunities for learning about firearms. Additionally, this association has been responsible for many of the state's initiatives to promote gun safety and education. Get involved with the Tulsa Arms Collectors Association today and explore this unique area of collecting!

Email: mail@tulsaarmsshow.com
Phone: (918) 492-0401
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  • Nov 11 to Nov 12, 2023

4145 E 21st St, Tulsa, OK 74114, USA Google Maps

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