Spring of '64

Cutler , Illinois
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Event Dates
external link iconApr 28 to May 01, 2022

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Denmark Rd, Willisville Precinct, IL, USA
Lat: 37.9870, Long: -89.502

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Experience an unforgettable Civil War Reenactment at Spring of '64

Below is a letter from Terry Crowder, cancelling the Spring 64 event which was to be held at Pinckneyville State Park in May and giving the reason.


It is with deepest regret that we no longer have any choice but to cancel the Spring 64 Event scheduled for Pinckneyville Illinois State Park. The following is a brief explanation as to why. This is the final obstacle that we cannot overcome. There are several obstacles that we had overcome but this one leaves no alternative.

The State of Illinois signed a contract with a local farmer who uses the land for his cattle (approx. 75 head) for May 1 through October 15. At the same time, they signed the use permit with us to hold this event through May 1 2022.

The local farmer is quite upset with the State over the funds he has to pay for the use of the land. They raised the amount he must pay to use this land substantially again. He is also upset with the reenactment due to the breaking down the new grass which grows in early spring. He states it is too hard on the land and cost him considerable money. We have offered to pay him but he has decided against the event.

Refunds will be sent upon receipt of your request form. I am so very sorry for the cancellation and deeply appreciate the loyal and good re-enactors who have stayed with us for the benefit of the hobby.

Attached is the form to request your refund. Please sign and return to us and you will be refunded your fee. (less the few cents paid to Pay Pal.)

I thank you so much for the time and effort that you have put into attending this event, your patience through Covid-related postponements, and your efforts to portray our history.

Terry Crowder

Spring 64 Event Coordinator


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