Texas Aviation Museums

There are many aviation and airplane museums around the United States. It would mostly likely take a lifetime and a fortune to travel to every single one. It doesn't mean that you cant try though!

In these pages you will find a list of aviation museums by state. Each museum contains a description, location, and various other military history museums you can find nearby. Milsurpia has been created for the military history enthusiast and wants to make finding these gems easier. This list of has been archived together as a community. If you notice a museum missing or would like to contribute information, please feel free to reach out and submit it!

To submit a museum or organization for consideration please contact us. Photos and descriptions of locations will not be listed without expressed consent.

Aircraft Parking

Private pilots take notice! Airplane museums around the country are available for you to fly into. Many of the museums in the below aviation museum directory allow private pilots to park for free at their facilities. When you are planning your next flight out, think about checking out one of these museums and supporting the community. Be sure to check the website and / or call ahead for proper parking and taxi instructions.

Event Planning

Another great thing about aviation museums is those wide open hangars! Many of the below museums offer their hangars for events. Consider checking them out and renting a hangar for your next event.

Houston's 1940 Air Terminal Museum

Demonstrating the impact of aviation on Houston's history and economic development through the prism of architectural beauty The 1940 Air Terminal Museum is housed in the historic art deco terminal building that once served the City of Houston as the Houston Municipal Airport. The building is now a protected landmark and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The museum houses numerous exhibits related to Houston's important role in commercial, business and general aviation. In addition, a visit to the museum will provide each guest with a front row view of activity at busy Hobby Airport! (Description provided courtesy of 1940 Air Terminal Museum)

San Antonio, TX

Big Spring, TX

Sweetwater, TX

National WASP WW2 Museum

The National Women’s Air Service Pilots Museum is dedicated to the women who gave life and limb flying for their country in World War 2. The country’s first female squadron was formed in the summer of 1942. The women of the WASP corps flew every aircraft in the U.S. Army arsenal. Women flew extremely critical flights such as ferrying aircraft across the ocean, testing of aircraft, and even training new recruits. The WASP museum has various aircraft and exhibits on display. Visitors can see aircraft as vintage Stearman or Fairchild trainers, aircraft just like the WAPs flew in 1942.

Kingsbury, TX

Pioneer Flight Museum

The Pioneer Flight Museum is a 501 (c3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and reproduction of aircraft and historical ground vehicles from the beginning of flight era to the early years of WW2, with emphasis on WW1 and between the wars times. We are a living history museum, and keep as many of our aircraft, vehicles, and artifacts in working order as we can. Tours are available most of the time during normal business hours and weekends, but sometimes we're tied up elsewhere so it's best to call ahead to make sure somebody will be available to let you in and/or show you around. Please call (830) 639-4162. (Description provided courtesy of Pioneer Flight Museum)

Lubbock, TX

Silent Wings Museum Front Entrance

The Silent Wings Museum is located in Lubbock, Texas. It is the only museum in the world dedicated solely to preserving the history of the WWII glider program. Approximately 80% of the United States Army Air Forces glider pilots received their G-Wings at South Plains Army Air Field, which was located on the site of the current Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. Exhibits focus on the training of the USAAF glider pilots, how gliders were used in support of airborne operations, and the particular history of the Allied glider program. Our restored CG-4A glider is the centerpiece of the Hangar Gallery while exhibits throughout the Silent Wings Museum illustrate other aspects of the history of the American WWII Military Glider Program.

Fort Worth, TX