Michael Taylor

Michael Taylor is an active-duty Naval Officer, writer, historian, and lover of all things military history related. Though considering himself more of a generalist, he has a special affinity for the Civil War and both World Wars. He is happily married to his wonderful wife Pam.
USS Cobia SS-245

USS Cobia: A Brief History

The USS Cobia was a Gato-class submarine whose keel was laid down on March 17, 1943, in Groton, Connecticut. After serving in WW2 she went on to become a world class museum ship.

USS LST-170 - U.S. Army Photo

History of the LST - From Normandy to Museum

The LST was one of the unsung heroes of WW2. In almost every major amphibious landing of World War 2, LST's put the allied soldiers ashore. Learn about the history of these ships and how you too can board one.