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By: Patrick Luther
Posted on Jun 09, 2021

4 WASP Female Pilots

The history of the United States would not be where it is today without a long history of strong women. Women have been taking part in America’s military history in one form another since the very beginning. There are many options for those seeking to learn about the role women played in the military. Museum’s across the United States cover important features of women veterans such as their roles in aviation, healthcare, and even the frontlines.


99s Museum of Women Pilots

The Ninety-Nines Museum of Women Pilots follows the history of women in aviation from the pioneer days of aviation to current. The museum was opened in 1999 by the 99’s. The museum boasts over 5000 square feet of exhibits. Various exhibits are on display such as one’s commemorating women in space and the first all-female air race in 1929. The MWP is more than successful in their goal to educate the public about the important contribution’s women have made to aviation.

99s Museum of Women's Pilots, 4300 Amelia Earhart Ln Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73159

International Women's Air & Space Museum


Courtesy of International Women's Air and Space Museum
Courtesy of International Women's Air and Space Museum

The International Women's Air & Space Museum is located in the terminal of Burke Lakefront Airport. The mission of the International Womens Air & Space Museum is to showcase the history of women throughout all aspects of aviation. Women have made many contributions to the history of aviation. Let the International Women’s Air and Space Museum show you there is more to women’s air and space history than just Amelia Earhart.

International Women's Air & Space Museum, 1501 N Marginal Ste. 165, Cleveland, OH 44114

National WASP WWII Museum

The National Women’s Air Service Pilots Museum is dedicated to the women who gave life and limb flying for their country in World War 2. The country’s first female squadron was formed in the summer of 1942. The women of the WASP corps flew every aircraft in the U.S. Army arsenal. Women flew extremely critical flights such as ferrying aircraft across the ocean, testing of aircraft, and even training new recruits. The WASP museum has various aircraft and exhibits on display. Visitors can see aircraft as vintage Stearman or Fairchild trainers, aircraft just like the WAPs flew in 1942.

National WASP WWII Museum, 210 Avenger Field Rd., Sweetwater, TX, 79556

United States Army Women's Museum

The U.S. Army’s women’s museum in Fort Lee Virginia is one of the only women of its kind. The museum is dedicated to the history of women in the United States armed forces all the way from the American Revolution to present day. The different exhibits help showcase the many ways women have faced adversity in advancing in the military. From fighting to serve in front line units, to earning their way as pilots the U.S. Army Women’s museum has it covered. The museum is also an educational institution with internship and study opportunities.

US Army Women's Museum, 2100 A Ave, Fort Lee, VA 23801

Women in Military Service for America Memorial

The Women in Military Service for America Memorial is the only memorial that honors the women how have fought and died defending the United States. The memorial features many exhibits, some permanent and some rotating. Past and present exhibits have included displays dedicate to women veterans in Vietnam, the Global War on Terrorism, and World War 1 nurses. The list goes on and on. Visitors will not be disappointed if they come ready to learn about Women and the crucial role they’ve played in America’s history.

Military Women's Memorial, Memorial Ave & Schley Dr., Arlington, VA 22202

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